Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5 Win64 Download

Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5 Win64 Download Free

Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5 Win64 Download

Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5 is professional lighting software for creating HDRI maps for image based lighting. It includes a very fast renderer optimized to help you light models rather than render your final image. You can place lights just by clicking on where you’d like it to reflect in the model. It uses blend modes to adjust the colour of all or parts of the canvas. Add, subtract, multiply, over, clamp, colour, saturation and hue blend modes are supported. Ideal for studio lighting, it has a range of synthetic lights that can be combined to produce complex lighting designs. These procedural lights come in a variety of shapes and types. Dark lights are used to subtract light. Gradient lights give ramped illumination.

In Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5 Version Load your own environment maps as a base for your lighting design. Add your own high dynamic range images to provide additional lighting or select from our preset lights. Choose from three projection mappings – 3D, canvas or spherical – when placing your lights. Use mattes to shape the illumination with our Gobo lights. HDR Light Studio ships with many high dynamic range images of real lights such as soft boxes, reflectors, fluorescent strip lights, incandescent bulbs and more. Lights displayed on the canvas are distorted automatically so that they appear undistorted when projected using a 3D spherical environment map.

Three projection types are included for content placed on the canvas:


3D (Lat-Long)


HDR Light Studio is compatible with 64bit editions of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Features of Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5:

  • Canvas exposure control.
  • Variable sized canvas.
  • Canvas channel controls to view HSVA, HSV, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha.
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo.
  • Supported connections include: 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, MODO, LightWave3D. (Coming soon to Houdini, Bunk speed, VRED, Maxwell Studio, Rhino 3D)
  • Add, move and edit lights on a late-long rectangular canvas.
  • Flexible user interface that includes a range of useful interface layouts.
  • Toolbars provide quick access to all light types.
  • Procedural and image based lighting content.
  • And many more.


User’s Reviews about Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5:

Greg Peruski

           “I can’t say enough good things about HDRLS. Every now and then something comes along that makes so much sense you can’t ignore it. HDRLS is that thing. It is an elegant solution that boosts productivity and creativity simultaneously. HDRLS has changed the way I do things and become a permanent fixture in my workflow. Support provided by Mark and Simon is beyond excellent.”

Piotr Kosinski

                 If you want to get into higher level with your renderings and decrease the time spent on the lighting set-ups HDR Light Studio is definitely THE SOLUTION!”


Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5 Win64 Download

Lightmap HDR Light Studio 5 Win64 Download

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